Serial Jeyran Part 21

Jeyran Series Part 21 is the third work of Fathi that takes place during the Qajar period. This series narrates the era of Nasser al-Din Shah and the time after the death of Amir Kabir. The story of this series is about Nasreddin Shah’s love for one of his women named “Jeyran”.

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Serial Yaghi Part 7

Yaghi Series Part 7

The story of the film is about a boy named Javid. In the neighborhood where he lives, he falls in love with a girl. But the girl’s family opposes their marriage. They consider Javid to be a useless boy and do not allow their daughter to have a relationship with him.

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Yaghi Part 7 Review

In Yaghi, we see how the main character voluntarily seeks to make a difference in his life. In “Yaghi”, despite the observation of violence that afflicts the mind of the audience, they depict aspects of humanity that keep hope alive in the heart of the audience and evoke the idea that man has the ability to change his circumstances.

The remarkable point of the series is that the director did not address the issue from a distance and made the story believable for the audience. On the other hand, despite the negative characteristics of Yaghi, he still stubbornly tries to make positive changes in his life. I hope this series will follow the same path of hope until the end.

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Khosoof Part 21


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